Pre-Design Services

Pre-design is one of the most important and exciting phases of an architectural or engineering project. At Buehrer Group Architecture & Engineering, Inc., all interior and exterior pre-design services are performed in-house, which results in significant cost and time savings to our clients.

Buehrer Group utilizes a variety of presentation tools when assisting our clients. The right presentation tools for your project depends on several factors, including the project schedule and which ones will best showcase your new facility. Presentation tools are an essential part of the process as they provide added value and insight into the aesthetical and functional aspects of your project. Our presentation tools can assist you with:

  • Community awareness and engagement
  • Visualizing interior and exterior details
  • Providing “virtual” tours to staff and the local community
  • Visualizing color schemes
  • Comparing and contrasting colors or other design elements
  • Making important design decisions

When you choose Buehrer Group for your project’s pre-design, our professionals believe in the importance of client involvement. The quality of input that we receive from the client or others who have a vested interest in the project is a key component of successful pre-design. We greatly value the opinions, suggestions, wants and needs of those involved in order to produce renderings and materials that will help your project come to life.

Presentation tools that Buehrer Group commonly utilizes in the pre-design phase include:

Computerized Renderings

Computerized renderings are produced using SketchUp modeling software. The details and precision shown really makes both interior and exterior designs come to life.

3D Videos

3D video renderings are one of the best ways to showcase your project to community members and staff. This rendering method gives those involved on the project and others with a vested interest the ability to take a virtual tour of the building before the building process even starts.

Hand Drawn Renderings

Hand drawn renderings provide a personal touch to any project and can be created to display exterior facades, interior spaces or any other areas that the client would like to showcase. Multiple drawings can also be done to show different colors or optional details.

Color Boards

Color boards are a perfect way to help clients choose paint colors, carpet colors and other interior design details for their project. Color boards can be created during the pre-design phase, during the construction phase or during both phases.

Buehrer Group is happy to assist you with all of your project’s pre-design needs. For more information on our services, contact us at your convenience.


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