Interior Design

Interior Design

Buehrer Group creates interior design solutions that address both the aesthetic and functional desires of those who are going to be utilizing the space. It’s not just about how the space will look once the design is completed, but it’s also about how those using the space will be able to effectively interact with it. Poorly designed interior spaces can hinder productivity or create a lackluster environment, which is why at Buehrer Group, we work closely with each of our clients to determine how people will work, live or interact with the interior of the building.

When you choose Buehrer Group for your building’s interior design, we are there throughout every phase of the project. From simply discussing your project ideas to producing design renderings and everything that comes after, we greatly value your input and the input of others who will be using the space once the project is completed. By gaining deep insight into how the space will be used from those who will be using it, we are able to ensure that your project visually stuns in form and is efficient in function.

Whether you need interior design service for a new building or an existing building, Buehrer Group can assist you with:

  • Conceptual design and project brainstorming.
  • Design renditions in various formats including hand drawings, computerized renderings and 3D videos.
  • Color boards – either during the pre-design phase or the construction phase. Color boards are helpful when it comes to picking out paint color schemes, carpet colors and fabric samples. Color boards easily help bring the project to life.
  • Design feasibility studies and assessments.
  • Effective space planning.
  • Selecting furniture and equipment that will enhance the visual appeal of the space, while taking into considering how the space is going to be used and adhering to function.
  • Enhancing the interior space’s sustainability with energy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.
  • Integrating innovative technology solutions in the design.

For additional details regarding interior design services offered by Buehrer Group, contact us today.


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    Buehrer Group is a leading provider of comprehensive architectural and engineering solutions.

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    Buehrer Group provides clients with the maximum amount of building for the minimum total expenditure.

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    Sustainability is embedded in the culture at Buehrer Group and it can be seen in everything that we do.