Bond Issue Assistant

Bond Issue Assistance

When Buehrer Group Architecture & Engineering, Inc. is selected as the architectural firm for your school district’s project, our professional staff fully engages themselves in school district meetings and within the community, placing focus on assisting your district in moving your project forward.

Engagement with School Officials and Organizations

Interacting with school officials and organizations is an integral part of the bond issue campaign. Buehrer Group engages school officials and other organizations by:

  • Participating in public school meetings.
  • Meeting with representative groups.
  • Keeping the Board of Education and the Buildings & Grounds Committee informed during all stages of planning.
  • Participate in detailed conversations regarding the project timeline and procedures with school administrative members and the board.
  • Actively engage student groups, such as the student council, student athletes and other student activity groups.
  • Thoughtfully seeking input from other vested interest groups such as Boosters, PTO and FFA.

Community Research

Part of Buehrer Group’s bond issue assistance includes engaging in in-depth and detailed communication with members of the community. This process includes presenting information to the public regarding the proposed project and obtaining valuable input.

Buehrer Group has an excellent track record of assisting districts with successful bonds. Contact us today for more information on our bond issue assistance services for school districts.


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