Buehrer Group’s office is located in the historic Henfling Building in Maumee, Ohio and is Northwest Ohio’s first LEED Gold Certified Building.

Located at 316 Conant Street, the Henfling Building was built in 1890 and has been a historic staple in the community ever since. Being an innovator of sustainability, Buehrer Group made it our mission to create a facility that was energy efficient, environmentally friendly and utilized “green” technology throughout.

Renovations were completed by Buehrer Group’s architectural team in order to achieve LEED Certification for energy use, lighting, water, sustainable materials and other sustainable strategies. LEED Certification verifies environmental performance, occupant health and financial return. The certification was established for market leaders to design and construct buildings that protect and save precious resources. Buehrer Group was able to achieve what we set out to do by:

  • Installing energy efficient lighting systems that automatically dim and installing skylights for natural light. The result has been an energy use reduction of 36.2% compared to other buildings of similar size and function.
  • Water conservation through an energy efficient irrigation system that captures and reuses rainwater runoff. This water is then used for the landscaping and native plants that are located on site. In addition, the use of specialized water fixtures within the building reduces water consumption by 40.5%.
  • Recycling materials – we have a dedicated system for recycling cardboard, plastic, glass, metal and paper. Recycled paper alone totals 8,580 pounds or 4.29 tons.
  • Buehrer Group uses regional materials in order to control energy costs for shipments. A total of 27.85% of the new building materials were harvested from within 500 miles of the project site. This system allowed for the stimulation of the local economy. The renovation project also used salvaged, refurbished, and reused materials within the building in order to participate in resource reuse.
  • The use of rapidly renewable materials such as bamboo ceilings and cork flooring.
  • The use of products low in voltaic organic chemicals (VOC) to improve indoor air quality. Buehrer Group carefully selected paint, adhesives, sealants and carpeting that would reduce indoor air contaminants, which results in better employee and visitor health.

Buehrer Group Architecture and Engineering Inc. continues to innovate and lead the transformation of the industry by being one of the most committed and progressive firms in our region when it comes to sustainable design and “green” building.


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    Buehrer Group is a leading provider of comprehensive architectural and engineering solutions.

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    Sustainability is embedded in the culture at Buehrer Group and it can be seen in everything that we do.