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Monclova Storage 1

Monclova Township Maintenance Building

Monclova, Ohio

Work for the Monclova Township Maintenance Facility was a three phase project. The first phase included the construction of a new ten bay 10,320 sq. ft. vehicle storage building, which was completed in 2006. In addition, a new fuel storage facility was included. In the second phase the existing 7,050 sq. ft. maintenance building was added on to and renovated. This project entailed replacement of new windows and doors in the existing building. Work also included constructing a new break room, offices and renovating the restrooms. The project also included significant work on the HVAC and electrical systems and a new 2000 gallon fuel dispensing system. The final phase involved the construction of a 3,000 ton, 5,230 sq. ft. salt storage building.

Funding was limited and the Township needed affordable buildings both to construct and to operate. The ten bay vehicle storage building gave them the immediate shelter and on-site supervision by our office kept the project moving ahead as quickly as possible.

The Township continued to work out of an older but adequate maintenance garage. In order to make the best use of the limited funds available at the time, the decision was made to renovate and increase the square footage through a small addition. A design solution was proposed that increased the thermal efficiency of the building by adding additional insulation to the existing structure. New metal siding allowed for the installation of rigid insulation which covered the painted exterior concrete block walls and reduced future maintenance costs.

The third phase was the construction of a 3,000 ton salt storage building. Here the corrosiveness of the salt was a concern. It was decided early on that the building be constructed out of wood to alleviate any potential corrosive structural issues down the road. As the project was nearing completion it was noticed the some of the asphalt shingles did not seal properly and during high wind situations were blown off. Buehrer Group contacted the shingle manufacturer, met with the representative on site and on top of the roof and determined that a portion of the shingles did not have the proper sealing capabilities as needed. The issue was resolved when the manufacturer responded and provided new shingles for the entire building. These were installed at no additional cost to the Owner.

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