Hope United Methodist Church

Whitehouse, Ohio

Hope United Methodist is a small church with a growing and active congregation. In order to help them grow the existing facility which was much too small needed to be expanded. Kitchen facilities were extremely modest, cramped and out dated. The kitchen could no longer successfully accommodate the types of events the church was undertaking. The youth of the church needed their own separate area where they could be on their own and there was never enough adequate space for storage of seasonal items that accompanied the worship service.

An existing three walled exterior court yard was enclosed providing the footprint for a new kitchen twice the size and centrally located. This new location allowed the kitchen to have two separate serving lines in two different areas of the church at the same time.

As a part of this addition the youth received their own designated space separated from the adult areas. A small kitchenette was designed in providing these younger members of the congregation a space where they could truly be themselves.

The addition was designed and constructed in such a way that it could easily accommodate a second floor. This new area was fire suppressed and offered the congregation the storage space that they so desperately needed. The roof lines and roofing material, a standing seam metal roof, was compatible with the existing church assuring that the addition could be successfully integrated, respecting the original design.

Also as a part of this project new high efficiency furnaces were installed and existing asphalt shingles and underlayment were replace.


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