Brodie Optometry

Perrysburg, Ohio

The Brodie Optometry building was part of a new 7,766 sq. ft. office building for 3 tenants. The facility is a single-story, wood frame building with exterior stone and brick. Brodie Optometry is located on the end of the building allowing for a floor to ceiling curved glass wall.

The site is located in a commercial area and was originally occupied by a motel which was abandoned and was razed to make room for the new building. The parking lot was designed to conceal employee vehicles behind the building to enhance the view of the building from the street.

The interior of the building has vaulted ceilings throughout with the public area consisting of a main reception area, child friendly waiting area, public restroom facilities, and an optical display area with easy access to the optical lab. The facility also includes 5 private exam rooms with pre-test and test rooms near-by, breakroom and restroom facilities for the staff, mechanical room and a private office with a restroom for the optometrist.

Dr. Brodie wanted to create an atmosphere that was inviting to his multi-generational clientele. The waiting area has fun seating for children in the shape of glasses lit with LED lights. The long serpentine reception counter mimics the large curtain wall glazing and allows for multiple patient check-in while funneling clients into the glass fitting area. The doctors logo, an abstract eye, was integrated into the rear wall of the display area and was designed to be seen from the road and appear to follow potential patrons traveling past the building.

The open glass fitting area allows for many displays and multiple fitting stations in a studio ceiling environment. A full-height curved glass curtain wall softens the space and invites exterior viewing.


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